Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ten Best Horror Films of the Past Ten Years - Guest Posts Wanted

Hey Spelunkers,

People complain a lot about modern horror's suckiness, but I tend to disagree. There have been stinkers throughout the ages, we just tend to forget the bad stuff and celebrate the classics. I think the here and now is a great time for horror, so I've decided to start a Liststravaganza to celebrate all that is new in our beloved genre.

The best part is that you're all invited to submit your own personal lists. All I need is your top ten and a few sentences (or more if you're long-winded like me) about each film.

When all the lists are in, I'll tally up the totals and tell you all why I'm right and you're wrong.

Sound fun? Then let the lovefest begin!


  1. How could I resist?

  2. OK, I didn't come up with ten but here is my list:
    Although it was made in 2000 I had to add it, American Psycho: This movie didn't actually scare me but I thought it was fracking hilarious! Mainly when Christian Bale is screwing the two women and he's really making love to himself in the mirror ~ Anntastic!
    The Descent: After I found out about creepers on Ghost Adventures this movie has scared me! Creepers are the spirits that crawl on all fours and move up walls and on ceilings.
    The Hills Have Eyes: I don't want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of inbred Jed's EVER!
    Planet Terror: I would actually say this is my husbands pick, he loved the blood.
    Shaun of the Dead: OK, this is supposed to be a funny movie but the zombies actually freak me out, I think this is probably my favorite on the list.
    Trick R Treat: The whole school bus thing freaked me the f*ck out! Other than that it was good fun.
    Paranormal Activity: Nobody else mentions this movie but I had problems sleeping after I watched this movie so it made it on the list.

    I have a lot of funny movies on my list because there aren't very many scary movies that really get to me anymore. I will admit I do not watch as many scary movies as my brother, Marvin the Macabre, or my sister so maybe I shouldn't even be making a list but there it is.

  3. And here is my response:

  4. Dude, I'm in. Will ponder it deeply and try to get something to ya this week.

  5. My co-blogger & I are at work on two lists. They should be up in the next couple of days. Fun idea! Thanks for spurring it on.

  6. As a follow-up, here's the first part with my list:

  7. I hope I'm not too late...

    10. Eden Lake (2008) – Young punks can be seriously scary dudes and this movie rams home why very effectively.

    9. Paranormal Activity (2007) – Proof that things that go bump in the night can still be damn scary.

    8. Saw (2004) – It’s easily to forget how awesome the original was given all the crappy sequels, but the original was indeed quite awesome.

    7. Skeleton Key, The (2005) – Suspenseful and atmospheric with an absolute cracker of an ending. Definitely needs more love.

    6. Descent, The (2005) – Pipped only by Buried as the most claustrophobic movie I’ve endured in recent times.

    5. Funny Games (2007) – Gets right under your skin despite its seemingly innocuous elements.

    4. Buried (2010) – Easily the best “true life” horror movie made in the past decade.

    3. Rec (2007) – Scariest horror movie finale ever.

    2. Orphanage, The (2007) – Gorgeous looking film with a suspenseful story and a brilliant ending.

    1. Ring, The (2002) – I’m still trying to get the stains out of my undies that resulted after watching this.

  8. Got linked to you through Pussy Goes Grrrr. Love the idea, since the past decade was so bountiful. I put up my top ten with descriptions on my site at HorrorFilms101, but here's the quick rundown:

    01. Pulse (2001)
    02. Shaun of the Dead
    03. The Descent
    04. The Mist
    05. Let the Right One In
    06. Session 9
    07. Rec
    08. May
    09. The Host
    10. Frailty

  9. Alright boss man, here you go:

    I'm looking for comments/thoughts on it, so comment away.

  10. I hope to hell that I am doing this right. If not, what a waste of typing.

    Ok, here is what I think. Some of these movies are not based off of being scary but being classics and what I believe some movie makers have used as their template for horror. Secondly, some of my picks are silly because life should be fun and childlike.

    10.) The Wolfman (black and white)
    Sorry, don't know the date, but I just love the classics! This film is a must for Halloween.

    9.) Hocus Pocus (1993)
    O.K., I know people are laughing at me, but when I was in college, I use to go to bed watching this show about every night. It holds a special place in my heart.

    8.) Pet Cemetery (Steven King)
    That little Gage kid is a scary MF.

    7.) Nightmare on Elm Street (1st one - 80's?)
    I think why this is soooo good is because Freddy doesn't talk much and when he does it's creepy. All the other Freddy movies suck because he developed a personality once he started opening his burnt mouth.

    6.) Psycho (?)
    Total classic, a trendsetter for horror. "Norman, mother's calling you."

    5.) Alien
    Yikes, I still sweat when I watch this show, probably because I'm afraid of dieing in outer space!

    4.) The Exorcist
    Come on! That is some creepy shit! The book is worse. Actually, I understood the movie better once I read the book.

    3.) The Strangers (200?)
    A lot of people will argue with me, but there are freaky losers that would really do that to someone and I hope they stay home & read this blog instead.

    2.) REC (2007)
    I don't even know what to say about it but, "I want my mommy!"

    1.) The Descent (?)
    First, so many surprises throughout the film. Secondly, I'm claustrophobic so I get creepy chills and sweats and panic and panting and etc. uuuuuhhhhgggg!

    P.S. I also think Arachnophobia is creepy...I want to itch myself the whole time I watch that show.

  11. Another Macabre sister weighs in! Great picks all of them, too bad I have to disqualify all but three of them for not being made in the past ten years. But notice that in a list of all-time favorites, 30% of them are from the past decade. Not too shabby double-oughts.


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