Monday, November 7, 2011

The Montana Mancave Massacre: The Facebook Page

If you'll kindly look to the right-hand sidebar, you may see one of those new-fangled Facebook badge gadgets. Please consider "Liking" the page, as it's certain to get updated more often than this blog.  In fact, I hereby challenge myself to drop in at least once a day, since I know your universe hinges upon hearing my opinions regularly.


  1. Ha! You better! I can't afford to have my universe coming unhinged! Haha.

  2. LGH,

    Maybe you can help keep me on task. I find that taunts work best. Something along the lines of:

    "I see you didn't update your status today you lazy shit. What, working a desk job got your delicate fingers all cramped up? Loser."

    In fact, you can just copy and paste that on my wall. Should do the trick.

  3. Aye, aye, Captain! You can count on me!!

  4. I'm such a Facebook noob... is it actually possible to be "friends" with The Montana Mancave Massacre or is it just a matter of hitting the "Like" button to register one's fandom.

  5. Who loves you man? I do:

  6. BIQ, Yeah, you've got to hit "Like" for the MMM page, but you can also friend "Marvin LaMacabre" by sending a friend request. I'd suggest doing both. I'm not sure why they don't just simplify it and allow brand pages to behave just like personal pages (or why for the love of Cthulu you're not allowed the have multiple accounts), but there you go.

    Kweeny, Thank you once again for the love. I swear I'll get to spreading it around soon.


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