Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday: The Movie

I just saw that a woman in LA pepper sprayed 20 people at a Walmart to keep them away from the electronics deals she was after. As sinister as "Black Friday" sounds, and as it is becoming, I believe it's high time someone wrote a horror film capitalizing on the "holiday."

So why not us?

I hereby propose that Marvin the Macabre and the readers of The Montana Mancave Massacre collaborate on a crowd-sourced film script for "Black Friday." Here's how it will work (assuming anyone is interested):

Let's start with a simple concept, say, there's a must-have toy for the 2012 Christmas season that creates such intense desire that it turns consumers into blood-thirsty, primal berzerkers who are willing to maim and kill for the opportunity to possess it. Now, everyone who wants to participate can send me ideas for plot points, scenes, characters, locations, situations, basically whatever ideas you want to contribute. Probably the easiest way to do this would be to submit ideas via the Montana Mancave Massacre Facebook page, but for those who avoid Facebooking at all costs, you can contribute via the comments section, or by emailing me at

We'll all get an opportunity to comment on and discuss the submitted ideas, then I'll act as editor, making the final decision on what goes into the script. Once we've got a viable concept, we'll figure out how to divide up writing duties.

Sound interesting to anyone?


  1. Haha! you're crazy and I love it! I wonder if I can come up with anything...*strokes chin*

  2. What a good idea! "Black Friday" already works as a sinister title. Are you sure no one has done this yet? There are enough real life examples of shopper insanity, that you'd only need to slightly embellish events for a horror movie. I can't believe that woman pepper sprayed people so she could get the items she wanted. I'm assuming she was arrested?

  3. Awesome idea.

    The first thing I’d like to contribute is an alternative title for the movie should it ever be released internationally. You see, we associate the term “Black Friday” with a catastrophic bushfire that killed 70 people and destroyed several towns in Victoria. In fact, nearly all combinations of “Black [Insert Day Of Week Here]” are synonymous with some catastrophic bushfire in Aussie history.

    So, here are my initial ideas for alternate titles for international distribution of Black Friday: Lay-Die, Slay Bells, Buy Or Die.

  4. Kweeny,
    You're damned right I'm crazy. And so are you, so let's hear some of those ideas.

    I checked IMDB and there's a ton of movies called Black Friday, but the feature length ones are not about consumer madness, and the ones that do deal with the shopping day are all shorts, and offer a different take than mine. And no, the woman was not arrested. I believe Walmart gave her a $5,000 gift card and an endorsement deal. ;)

    Thanks for the heads up. I'll take that into consideration (Note: I sat here for 5 minutes trying to add an alternate title, but I got nuthin')


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