Saturday, January 15, 2011

Inaugural Post

Hey all, welcome to the new blog. Marvin the Macabre (occasionally pronounced mack-a-bray) is some dude who moved to Helena, Montana where there are no horror conventions, no horror film festivals, and seemingly, no other horror fans. But we do have the internet, access to Netflix instant watch, and countless pawn shops where DVDs sell for two or three dollars. Among my considerable collection of horror DVDs, I have a backlog of over fifty titles I haven’t found time to watch, owing to my family and full-time job. So, in a way, this blog is just an excuse for me to hide out in the basement and watch movies.

In another way, it is an attempt to jump into the middle of a conversation with a group of interesting strangers. The horror bloggers I’ve been reading are asking some compelling questions about our strange obsession with scary, violent films, and I’ve been bursting to add my thoughts to the conversation.

I owe horror blogs a huge debt of gratitude for turning me onto the best of what’s out there. I went for about a decade without watching any new horror (1990’s didn’t exactly offer much). When I came back to the fold, I found that the current state of horror is promising as hell. It’s a great time to be a horror fan, and horror bloggers are doing the community a great service by spreading the word. I wanted to be a part of that.

So here’s how it goes down here at the Triple M: my posts generally aren’t movie reviews, but rather reactions to the films I watch. For instance, if I throw in my copy of The Wolfman (2010), I might write a post about what werewolves represent in modern horror, or I might explore the phenomenon of horror remakes and what makes some work while others blow.

If there’s a purpose for this blog (aside from stroking my ego) it is to explore the eternal questions of horror fandom: Why do some people (I’m looking at you, me) obsess over scary and violent films? What purpose does horror serve in our lives? What does it mean to be a horror fan?

Most of all, I hope my blog posts will begin conversations in the message boards that will be insightful and fascinating. The greatest thing about horror fans is their raw enthusiasm for discussing every aspect of this versatile and enduring genre of film.

So what do you say? Care to join me in the mancave for a murder or two?

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