Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mad Black People Bout to Cut Someone

I believe I mentioned previously the awesome person who found my site using the search term "bat junk." Well this week, someone got to the Mancave using the term "mad black people bout to cut someone." While "Bat Junk!" was the actual title of my post, I have no idea why this other person got directed to me.

However, I think "Mad black people bout to cut someone" would be a kick-ass theme for a post. Trouble is, I'm having trouble coming up with horror-related scenes that fit this theme. Okay, Candyman, obviously, but what else?

Thus I task you, my faithful readers with helping me compile a list of "Mad Black People 'Bout to Cut Someone" in horror. Lay it on me.

1 comment:

  1. Zulu? I guess that’s not really horror.

    The Last King Of Scotland? I guess that’s a mad black person, not people.

    Zombi Holocast? Although I’m not sure how much cutting they actually did.

    New Jack City? OK, I’m moving away from horror again.

    Pfffst... I got nothin’


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