Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mr. Daywalt, Your Shorts Scare Me

I came across an interview with Drew Daywalt over on  I had never heard of him, so many thanks to Drew Grant for turning me on to his micro-horror films.  Most of his videos are two to five minutes long, but they pack a mean punch. I highly recommend you check them out.

The only problem I had with the piece was its opening-a lament about how the current generation has "grown up in a period when the lack of good horror films is downright scary." And yes, this is the conventional "wisdom." But I've been hearing versions of that same statement since the eighties, and it's even less true now. Anyone saying there's no good, original horror coming out simply doesn't know where to look (Hint: It's probably not playing at your local 20-screen, stadium-seating cineplex. They need at least three of those screens for whatever Michael Bay just shit out).

So to Ms. Grant, thanks for the heads up about Daywalt Fear Factory. I'd like to return the favor. Here's my post on all that's right with modern horror. But don't stop there, click on any of the fine blogs listed in my sidebar and you'll soon find out where all the good horror has gone.

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