Saturday, March 19, 2011

Idea for the Next Friday the 13th Movie

Rather than continuing the current reboot with a Part 2, why not make Camp Crystal Lake: The Mrs. Voorhees Story. It would be a retelling of the first Friday, but focusing on Mrs. Voorhees struggles to raise her special-needs child while working for poverty-level wages in the kitchen at a run-down summer camp. The teenage counselors are irresposible adolescents who routinely put children at risk to run off into the woods to smoke pot and have sex. She teaches young Jason fundamentalist lessons about the wages of sin, and loudly denounces the teenagers as Hell-bound heathens.

When the counselors allow her son to drown she goes ballistic, hunting down the counselors with no regard for who was actually responsible. The film would recreate each murder from the original, but show Mrs. Voorhees performing the killings.

The film would end exactly like the original with the death of Mrs. Voorhees and the reemergence of Jason.

The trick would be to keep it scary, even though the killer is no longer a mysterious figure. I suppose you could always focus on the tragic side of the story, rather than the frightening.

Who's with me on this?

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