Monday, December 19, 2011

A Christmas GIF(t) for You

Dear Readers,

I know you haven't been feeling the warm glow of my affection for most of the month. Forgive me. I've been busy spreading the spirit of the season in person, and figured my boob post would tide you over. As a token of my love, I'm bestowing upon you this Christmas GIF as a reminder that you're always in my heart at this most joyeaux time of year.

Two Turtledoves if you can identify this movie...


  1. Oh dear! I'm gonna be turtledove-less because I have no idea what movie that Santa gif is from. I assume he's a zombie Santa? Oh well, wishing you and yours a happy and safe holiday season!!!

  2. Safe? On the contrary. We Macabres live on the razor's edge of danger. This year, we're plugging all of our Christmas lights into the same outlet! Bwah ha ha!

  3. same here, mate, better give them turtle doves away cuz I know no Zombie Santa.

  4. I suppose I'd better tell you then. This "zombie" Santa is actually a vampire Santa from the movie Stake Land. To be fair, the vampires in Stake Land behave more like zombies than vampires.

    Stake Land was a really pleasant surprise for me, and I'd highly recommend checking it out.


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