Friday, August 19, 2011


Just a quick note to thank the people who found my site with the search terms, "bat junk" and "bigfoot penis." I'm honored to have been able to provide you with an honest-to-goodness photograph of bat junk. From Disney's Animal Kingdom, no less. But alas, bigfoot penis is more elusive. If I happen upon some bigfoot penis pics, please believe I'll post them posthaste.

Marvin the Macabre


  1. Brilliant! I get these all the time. One of my disturbingly recurrent high hitters is 'Burt Ward penis' and variations there upon. I also get 'octopus shark sex' quite a lot too.

    Your comments on my blog made my day, by the way. I think once me and my hubby have conquered our irrantional fear of nature in all its leafy glory we'd love Montana with the Macabres

  2. You really would think that someone would have made a Harry and the Hendersons XXX film by now. Alas, the bigfoot penis, like the truth, is still out there.

  3. Aren't keyword searches fun? My most recent fun one was "cow with no legs." LOL! I have NO idea how that ties in to my blog.


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