Thursday, June 30, 2011

Loco Locals?

Like any self-absorbed blogger, I've been obsessing over my stats from day 1. I'm getting plenty of love from the U.S., U.K., Russia, Germany, Australia, Canada, Ukraine, and France. But what I'm wondering is whether I have any readers in my home state of Montana.

The reason I ask is that I'd love to create a network of Montana horror fans, specifically ones in the Helena and Bozeman area. My fantasy is that I could meet some like-minded individuals who could meet up whenever a horror movie gets a theatrical release, and make an event of opening night. As I've mentioned before, I've never been in a position to attend any conventions or horror-related events, so I thought I'd create my own events.

So, Montana readers, if you're out there, leave a comment and let me know. With all the horror flicks I find in local pawn shops, I know we've got some horror lovers here. We need to join forces and show this town we have some real culture (and yes, I define culture as watching trashy movies). Let me hear from you.


  1. Just for laughs I asked google maps for driving directions from my home town to Montana: it’s 22,665 kilometres and would take 54 days and 23 hours. Google maps helpfully surmised that the route "includes a ferry", "has tolls", and "crosses through Japan".

  2. So I'll see you in roughly 2 months, then? I'd better start cleaning my basement now.

    But seriously, if you ever do find yourself on my side of the Earth, I'll have to introduce you the Blackfoot River Brewery. Best beer in the state. And Montana has the most microbreweries per capita of any U.S. state besides Vermont. That makes it worth 55 days in a car, right?

  3. Probably. Although, now I think I really want to got to Vermont. Mmmmm... beer...


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